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We believe that our earrings are about much more than accessorizing. They’re about feeling beautiful, uplifted and confident. They’re about expressing your signature style. Our mission is to create wearable art that is as timeless and unique as you.

Silver Forest jewelry is enchanting, playful, filled with color, texture and movement. Our jewelry is made using quality materials and lovingly handcrafted in Southern Vermont.

Founded forty years ago, Silver Forest started selling its distinctive jewelry at craft shows throughout the Northeast. Today, Silver Forest jewelry can be found in retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Silver Forest jewelry is Handcrafted in Bellows Falls, Vermont. Natural elements, ancient cultures and a subtle sense of whimsy influence our designs. Our artistic use of stones, textured metals and color has always set us apart from our competition. Denim friendly and casual, Silver Forest is not a trend, it is a lifestyle— which is why we continue to be a top selling jewelry brand.

Our jewelry has wide appeal. As a line that is handcrafted, with an artistic flavor, we attract the craft gallery and boutique customer. With an eye on current color and fashion trends and our commitment to innovation, Silver Forest also appeals to the fashion conscious woman looking to accessorize. In addition, Silver Forest jewelry is very giftable; it is unique, domestically made and easy to wear, all at a consumer friendly price.

Most importantly, Silver Forest values our customers. Whether you are the end customer who has lost an earring or the buyer for an independent retailer, we treat you with the respect that you deserve. We continue to service your needs with a sense of attention and urgency that transcends traditional customer service!

“I think your earrings are such wonderful pieces of art. I just purchased my first two pairs and I got so many compliments on them that I went back to the store and purchased four more pairs.”


Silver Forest stands behind our craftsmanship. We have a program that has been in place since we began business 40 years ago. If your Silver Forest jewelry is damaged we will repair it or replace it free of charge. Even if you simply lose an earring we will do our best to replace it for you free of charge!

Mail any items to:
Silver Forest
Attn: Repairs
40 Industrial Drive
Bellows Falls, VT 05101


As our way of thanking our loyal customers for their support we offer a Frequent Buyer Card. You can get this card from your local Independent retailer. Each time you buy a piece of Silver Forest jewelry the retailer will apply a sticker to your card. Once you have received five stickers on your card you write down three style choices that you would like to receive as your free gift. The style numbers can be found on a ticket on the back of each displayed jewelry card. The style number will begin with any of the following prefixes E-, NE-, or SA- followed by a four-digit number and possibly a letter. This is the number that you will write on your style choices. Then you mail the card to us and we will send you one of your choices free as a gift from Silver Forest!